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AMSOIL Synthetic Lubricants

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Your One Stop Shop for AMSOIL Oil & AMSOIL Filter
Also offering MANN-FILTER, Donaldson, WIX, Injen, TwinAir, NGK, Trico & Mothers!


Overview: 35 years back when synthetic lubricants were only known to aviation and aerospace industry, AMZOIL (later renamed as AMSOIL) developed and launched the World's first API certified 100% synthetic motor oil for passenger and commercial vehicles.

AMSOIL is "The First in Synthetics" and also the first in quality, protection and performance. AMSOIL is the only company in the world to own trademark rights to "The First in Synthetics".

Benefits of AMSOIL AMSOIL and Environment
AMSOIL Comparison Chart AMSOIL Preferred Customer Account AMSOIL Business Account AMSOIL Dealership

Today, virtually every other motor oil manufacturer has recognized the superiority of synthetic lubricants and has followed the AMSOIL lead by introductions of synthetic motor oils of their own although mostly are not 100% pure synthetic like AMSOIL is; they are Group III Hydroisomerized petroleum oils, marketed as synthetics under a new law. They spend millions of dollars advertising their "new" and "revolutionary" products. No one, however, can match AMSOIL experience and technological know-how. And no company in the world delivers products like AMSOIL.

Petroleum motor oil's film strength is about 400 psi where as AMSOIL lubricants film strength is about 3300 psi and does not break down, shear or loose viscosity under heat and stress. Petroleum motor oil breaks down under heat and stress and leaves carbon, varnish and sludge deposits in the engine and allows critical engine components to wear much more rapidly.

We are your one stop source for world's best ultra premium Synthetic Motor Oil and filtration products, which outperforms just about any other competing products like Mobil 1, Quaker State, Pennzoil, Castrol syntec and every other synthetic and conventional petroleum motor oil in the world.

The fact is, AMSOIL pays for itself by extending oil & equipment life. AMSOIL also reduces downtime & maintenance cost, again saving you time and money.




Though AMSOIL Inc. was founded in 1972, its story begins in the mid 1960s, when Lt. Col. A.J. "Al" Amatuzio, a jet fighter squadron commander, was impressed by the superb performance of synthetic lubricants in jet engines (in fact, only synthetics stand up to the performance demands of jet engines) and began studying their possible automotive applications. In 1972, after an intense period of research and development, Al Amatuzio introduced the first synthetic motor oil in the world to exceed API automobile service requirements.


The next year, Amatuzio developed a marketing plan to get his innovative but still unknown product to customers. His marketing plan enabled customers to have personal contact with a Dealer who could take the time to explain the product and answer questions. The rest is history! From humble beginnings in a northwest Wisconsin warehouse, AMSOIL pioneered an entire industry -- synthetic lubrication -- and established high professional and ethical standards for a unique business opportunity.


Since 1972, the company has seen rapid growth and constant change. One driving force behind the great success of AMSOIL is a commitment to quality and constant improvement. As the years passed, an increasingly broad range of automotive and industrial lubricants and filtration equipment was developed, with each new product exceeding industry performance specifications by a wide margin.

We got you covered...


Whether you're a car owner looking for the best premium synthetic lubricants for your next oil change, a business owner looking to add a successful product line to your shelves, a fleet owner looking to grow your bottom line, or someone who wants the benefits of owning their own independent AMSOIL business, we hope you'll find everything you're looking for here. Please take your time and view the information on this site.

AMSOIL Advantages

AMSOIL Synthetic Oil Superior Fuel Economy

AMSOIL Synthetic Oil Superior Wear Protection

AMSOIL Synthetic Oil Superior Stability

AMSOIL Synthetic Oil Superior Cost Savings

AMSOIL Synthetic Oil Superior Fluidity

AMSOIL Synthetic Oil Superior Overall Economy

AMSOIL Synthetic Oil Superior Oxidation Resistance

AMSOIL Synthetic Oil Superior Operating Temperature Range


Why switch to synthetic oil

1. Synthetic Oil is Molecular Engineering for Modern Engines

New lean burning, high output engines often run hotter than 240° F. New electronically controlled automatic transmissions have less aerodynamic cooling and are extremely viscosity-sensitive. AMSOIL Synthetic Lubricants are chemically engineer for thermal stability. They deliver dependable, long-lasting performance and protection that helps equipment last longer.


2. Better fuel economy by 2% to 5%

AMSOIL synthetic lubricants have higher lubricity than conventional oils. That means less friction on moving parts, less heat, less wear and fuel savings averaging 2% to 5%. Start saving your next oil change with Amsoil!


3. Extended Drain Intervals up to 25,000 Miles

Many AMSOIL motor oils provide more than three times the service life conventional petroleum oils. The AMSOIL Signature Series 0W-30 has a recommended service life/drain interval of 25,000 miles or one year. Longer drain intervals means convenience and savings AMSOIL customers, and much less oil for disposal after your oil change.


4. The Right Environmental Choice

Conservative estimates put the amount of waste oil dumped into the environment each year at over 240 million gallons. As simple as this sounds, using long-service life AMSOIL synthetic motor oils, the environment benefits.


5. Keeping it Cool

The superior lubricity of AMSOIL synthetic oils reduces friction, lowering lubricant temperatures by 20 to 50° F. AMSOIL retains its protective film, on bearings, at engine temperatures that destroy regular lubricants.


6. Reduces Oil Consumption

AMSOIL synthetic base stock and additive package work to keep it clean and running efficiently. AMSOIL lubes don't "boil off" like conventional petroleum oils. They stay inside your engine, lubricating, cooling and protecting moving parts. Lower oil consumption and more efficient operations also mean lower emissions, another environmental benefit.


7. Unbeatable Cold Temperature Performance

AMSOIL Lubricants are synthetic; they are molecularly engineered with pour points as low as -60°F. This cold temperature fluidity gives motorists easier winter starting and fast lubrication to vital engine parts. Cold engine starts are responsible for causing 60% of all engine wear.


8. Finest Filtration In The World - with Nano Technology

AMSOIL oil and air filters are unmatched in both efficiency and longer service life. Nano Fiber technology provides absolute removal of 5-20 micron dirt particles. AMSOIL also provides a BY-Pass filter technology utilizing this revolutionary technology, extending AMSOIL synthetic oils even further with oil analysis.


9. Lubrication Excellence for a Wide Range of Applications

AMSOIL uses only the best synthetic base stocks and additives. AMSOIL Synthetic Lubricants and Filtration Products are applicable to a wide variety of automotive, commercial and industrial equipment. Being "the first in Synthetics" didn't make AMSOIL the best, but, being the best has kept AMSOIL first.


10. Unsurpassed Customer Service

AMSOIL retains a full staff of chemists, lubrication engineers, engine specialists, filtration experts and lubrication industry consultants. They are available to answer questions and assist with special projects and applications.


6-Month Preferred Customer

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The Dealership Option

Do commission checks to further lower the cost of your AMSOIL Products interest you? If so, AMSOIL Dealership may be your choice. AMSOIL Dealers receive monthly commission checks from 2% to 25% based upon volume. For as little as $15 for six months, you can become an AMSOIL Dealer. AMSOIL Preferred Customers can upgrade to Dealer anytime by submitting the Preferred Customer Upgrade Form and paying the small difference of $10 a year - the difference in annual the registration fee between Preferred Customer and Dealership. AMSOIL Dealers can also sell retail, set up retail and commercial accounts, build a sales group, work the catalog business, and sell via the Internet.

Become an AMSOIL Dealer

Whether You're Interested in Simply Purchasing AMSOIL Products at Wholesale Cost or Starting Your Own Independent Business, AMSOIL Has an Opportunity for You!



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